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Kormos leads workshop
Kormos leads workshop
Kormos leads workshop
Training courses and workshops available for in-house delivery on a broad set of product development management skills and competency areas.

Metrics Planning & Definition
…shortens the calendar time for companies to establish a consistent Product Innovation Metrics Control System that drives improvement to the performance of their product innovation investment.

Building a Product Strategy
…builds a consistent view of where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

Defining Products That Sell
…improves your ability to consistently hit the mark with new products by building a disciplined, repeatable foundation for product definition.

Conducting Better Customer Visits
…training to help you build powerful insight into your customer’s needs, preferences and emerging applications of your products one customer at a time.

Customer Advisory Boards and Councils
…develop a long term dialogue relationship with a select set of strategic customers concerning product strategy and direction.

Capturing Lessons Learned
…facilitated sessions to learn from past product innovation mistakes and harness the insight to improve product development performance.

Foundations of Product Management
…provides a thorough grounding in skills, tools and practices of effective product management.
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