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For organizations desiring to create a consistent product strategy, this workshop builds a consistent view of where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

Being successful with new products requires a concrete vision that delivers management congruency, drives consistent choices and which aligns individual product decisions along a constant value focused axis.

Yet in many companies widely varying opinions on direction often exist between R&D, Marketing, Customer Support, and Sales on questions such as:
  • What markets will we pursue?
  • On what value dimensions do we expect to compete?
  • What is the scope and boundaries of our future products?
  • How should we balance the needs of current and prospective customers?
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The consequence is usually slow decisions, much starting and stopping, excessive finger pointing and even pseudo-sabotage of development projects in the name of "XYZ department knows best".

The Workshop
Using a structured process cross functional discussions are professionally facilitated to:
  • Identify areas of disagreement among product strategy stakeholders.
  • Articulate the root assumptions behind those disagreements
  • Define actions to close the gaps and achieve a consistent view of “what we’re trying to do here".

  • A consistent view of priorities
  • Clear positions for the spectrum of issues defining your Innovation Philosophy
  • Consensus on "what to work on next" - reducing the tendency to react to the last "big fantastic order".
  • Direction to associates and customers
  • An agenda for technology exploration and core competency articulation
  • Alignment of marketing communication and market development efforts
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