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Do you desire to rapidly mature your product management team? The Product-Masters Foundations of Product Management Workshop provides a thorough grounding in skills, tools and practices of effective product management.

Studies have shown that technology companies which exhibit the greatest success with their product program have product managers whose typical experience level in the job is almost three years longer than product managers at less successful companies.

How then can we accelerate the maturation of product managers – to achieve that experience edge? Most technology companies grow product managers from within, usually from the ranks of strategically focused development staff or visionary senior sales and marketing personnel. The assumption is that good people can be put in a job without structure and discipline and, since they have a strong feel for the company’s product agenda and customers, they can execute the job effectively.

Foundations of Product Management covers the key issues, skills and activities for a establishing a robust product management culture and system. It can be oriented as a training session for product managers or as an extended coaching session for establishing a high impact product management organization.

Key Learning Points
The sessions can include the following:
  • Establishing the Mission of Product Management
  • Guiding Principles of Product Management
  • Basic Skills, practices and processes of product management.
  • Best Practices of Product Management.
  • Roles and responsibilities of product managers.
  • Metrics for product management.
  • Selecting the portfolio of marketing and product development projects: Can we do it? Does the customer care? Do we care? Can we win?
  • Working with developers and development organizations
  • Defining products and using the Voice of the Customer to guide requirements.
  • Tools and methods for planning products that sell; different methods different insights.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • The tough decisions of product management… and tools to deal with them.
  • Building business plans.
  • Building cross functional teamwork.
  • Product positioning and value propositions
  • The Pricing Process: analysis, comparison, recommendation and implementation
  • Thorough Launch Planning: Key to Rapid Sales Ramp Up
  • Building Better Product Sales Training Materials: What Sales People Really Need to Know to Sell Our Products
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