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Do these characteristics fit your company?
  • More products/projects; fewer people?
  • No idea what the capacity of your product pipeline is?
  • Majority of projects are sustaining or catch-up in nature?
  • Too many product development associates split time between multiple projects?
  • Long queues at resource pooling points?
Content Elements
The Product-MASTERS Portfolio and Pipeline Service typically includes:
  • Assessment of practices for product strategy, product planning, project selection, capacity mgt. resource estimating
  • Workshop to explore areas of disagreement in product strategy and product plans.
  • Definition of product revenue gap and PD loading.
  • Deep dive on past project selection decisions and capacity/resource decisions process.
  • Rationalization of past projects on based on strategic and operational parameters.
A framework that links project selection, strategy and execution capacity.
  • Top down/ bottom up resource estimation methods.
  • Project selection rules to link product strategy and technical capacity.
  • Portfolio guidelines based on converged view of key product strategy issues.
  • Processes and portfolio evaluation maps to engage senior management as decision makers and resource providers.
  • Portfolio/capacity metrics including past pipeline performance and specific future targets.
  • Plan to expand capacity of resource bottlenecks.
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