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Do these characteristics describe your company?
  • Lack of predictability for schedule or deliverables?
  • Competitors deliver more timely releases or differentiating features?
  • Unrealistic schedules set before plans; deadlines are constantly changing with late notification?
  • Past efforts to define processes, principles and practices for product innovation were ineffective? A belief that you need measurable improvements and to improve faster than in the past?
  • Need a fresh pair of eyes… to understand what you do well and not so well? Limited to what you already understand.?
  • Lack a sense of urgency, focus and consensus on how to improve. Difficulty driving change?
  • Weak infrastructure for governance of product development improvement?
  • Impact - A clear definition of the ongoing costs of under performing at PD project execution.
  • A More Robust Process - Greater buy in from process owners and users and an increased ability to flexibly adapt to various PD project types. Criteria for moving to the next phase?
  • Governance Model - A clear governance model for product development performance improvement – someone in charge, with a budget and authority to drive change.
  • Metrics - How we will measure success. Performance targets. Leading Indicators.
  • A Plan – For transforming the current product development methods into a high performance product innovation engine.
  • Buy-In - Broad based support for the changes called for in the plan.
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