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If the only consistent thing about your innovation process is that you keep making the same mistakes you are wasting precious innovatio resources. The Product-Masters Capturing Lessons Learned Workshop helps you build a framework to learn from your past and invest it in improved performance on future projects.

Many companies talk about becoming a “learning organization”. They claim to debrief at the conclusion of product development projects. However, all too often such post project reviews -- if they occur at all -- lack consistency and leave key improvement opportunities undiscovered.

When review sessions do occur, results go unnoticed or unused by the troops and never seem to rate the attention of top management.

The Workshop
The lessons learned workshop turns all of your projects into learning opportunities. The approach includes:
  • Consistent quality centered methodology and facilitation approach
  • Project timelines are re-created to examine what was known and what was knowable.
  • Language processing and fishbone diagrams group issues and extract root causes.
  • Periodic review of results with management to help management select one or two key focus issues for improvement in the next 6-12  months.
The Result
The transition to a learning organization has truly begun.
  • Learning from one project gets reinvested to improve the next one.
  • The cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again is broken.
  •  Product development performance begins to consistently improve.
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