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The Product Innovation Maturity Assessment
helps you to improve your product development performance -- at a rate much greater than your past experience. The assessment rapidly and thoroughly examines your company's product management and development system in terms of the core competencies necessary for effective product innovation. It provides an unvarnished, comprehensive, comparative view of the scale, scope, & impact of necessary high priority improvements to your product system that gets you in a position to act fast.

In weeks – not months- we work together to define a plan, build consensus and instill a sense of urgency for actions to boost the strategic payoff from your R&D investment.
Who For
For companies that desire to compete on the basis of product value and speed to market and who desire assistance in pinpointing the highest opportunity areas for improvement.
The Difference
Unlike typical innovation improvement initiatives the assessment drives results because recommended actions are based upon a comprehensive view –- not a biased partial picture -- of the enterprise's barriers to effective product innovation.
  • A practical yet aggressive maturation roadmap
  • Assistance with selected change initiatives.

Service Content
The service typically consists of a three step evaluation.
Step 1
A throughput analysis to understand past output of your innovation engine and necessary future performance.

With this foundation for improvement goals and an economic case for change, we thoroughly explore innovation loss mechanisms: cancellations, the cost of lateness and inefficiencies due to missing the mark with customers.
Step 2
Product-MASTERS' proprietary Maturity Model is used to evaluate your organization in over 20 areas of innovation best practices.

We identify:
  • key capability gaps to be closed;
  • the primary success factors driving improved results
  • key constraints to increasing value throughput.
Step 3
A step by step roadmap defining key management, skills and process improvements necessary to accelerate improved innovation performance is developed including:
  • Business Impact - The value case for improvement– and the cost of inaction
  • Comparative Baseline - How you stack up; maturity gaps
  • Action/Alignment Roadmap - Where you focus should and key constraints to progress
  • Product Innovation Dashboard - A scorecard of customer & process centric measures
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