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When Can Product-Masters Help Your Enterprise?

Facing Product Innovation Turbulence?
Facing Product Innovation Turbulence?
Facing Product Innovation Turbulence?
Top Ten Symptoms of Product Innovation Turbulence

Clients engage Product-MASTERS to assist them in steering a course through the following zones of product innovation turbulence:

1. A string of late releases or product flops
-- to isolate root causes and avoid a repeat.

2. Competitors continually outperform us
-- yet efforts to improve have stalled -- to build focus and urgency and resolve agenda differences.

3. Refocusing products on new markets or when new competitors and technologies appear on the horizon
-- to formulate new value propositions and product strategies based on a fact based vision.

4.Pitched Battle: Marketing vs. Product Development vs. Manufacturing
-- to build dialogue and a shared view of your future

5. Selecting new product development and innovation related IT systems
-- to harness the power of new tools and align them to high performance processes and practices.

6. Before embarking on a major product line expansion
--when making the same old mistakes won't cut it.

7. Reorganizing product marketing and/or development functions or merging the product planning and development styles of multiple organizations
-- to build consensus and alignment around a structured value creation system.

8. Product strategy gridlock
-- when each silo operates on different critical assumptions and excessive debate on important product issues becomes a dominant factor controlling time to market.

9. When the product pipeline is consistently overloaded
-- Many starts; few completions; too much waste from cancellations.

10. Need a foundation for rapid company growth
--when systematization and discipline will emerge as a constraint to future competitiveness
--to establish a method for customer centered value creation
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